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​Client is a major Title Insurance Company in Southern California.  They were using multiple vendors including a delivery service they share ownership in!!  We gave them a SINGLE POINT solution,  implemented a "bill to file" program, and staffed their messenger desk with our employee.  We saved them TONS of money, eliminated lost revenue, and implemented a file auditing program to track net courier costs.
​Case Studies
Client is a national Diagnostic Laboratory with multiple locations, and customers in California and Nevada.  They were using 5 different courier vendors over multiple locations.  We consolidated their program into a ONE VENDOR solution, and FIXED their monthly messenger costs!  This client pays the SAME AMOUNT EACH MONTH regardless of fluctuations in load, AND saved well into the SIX FIGURES annually over their previous program.  We also implemented BAR CODING into an environment that had none, and staffed their logistics department with our employee. 
Client is a major Paper Manufacturer with multiple locations throughout Southern California.  Each location was using their own courier vendors, and there was receiving multiple bills with little administrative overview.  We gave them a SINGLE SOLUTION which includes individual breakdowns for departments and offices.  We standardized their charges to their clients, and eliminated duplication of effort, and saved them a LOT OF MONEY!!
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